New to Hot Yoga

Gyan Yoga is accessible – Everyone is welcome. The teaching style of Gyan Yoga takes care of every student from beginner to intermediate to advanced. If you are beginner, just stick to the first option given, if you are advanced, practice the higher options offered.

Gyan Yoga Liberty Village is one of the most affordable Hot Yoga studios in Toronto. 1 Month Unlimited Hot Yoga is only $69 (with one year contract).

Gyan Yoga is Non-competitive – Students are encouraged to practice Yoga for strength, flexibility and health. Competition within a class is not welcomed.

Gyan Yoga is Non-judgmental – We welcome anyone with a desire to practice Yoga.

Practice Gyan Yoga to go deeper in the practice of Yoga poses.
Practice Gyan Yoga to lose weight.
Practice Gyan Yoga to go deeper into your consciousness.
Practice Gyan Yoga for fitness.
Practice Gyan Yoga to ease pain.
Whatever your reason, practice Gyan Yoga. No one is judging.

Gyan Yoga Gyan Yoga Gyan Yoga