Gyan Traditional

Traditional Hatha Yoga poses combined with pranayama breathing techniques and easy to follow instructions makes the Gyan Traditional class perfect for beginners. Balancing, stretching, strengthening, twisting and lying down poses are sequenced with complimented counter positions. With the options facilitated by instructors, intermediate and advanced students can take their Yoga practice deeper.

Gyan Flow

Sun salutations and Vinyasa flows followed by Hatha Yoga poses create the dynamic Gyan Flow class. Gyan Flow Class is all about upper body strength and more. This more includes different types of lunges to open hip joints and strengthen the legs. Yoga poses are practiced with proper breath techniques for cardiovascular health. Some Gyan Yoga students call Gyan Flow "cardio meditation".

Gyan Core Flow

Amazing flexibility, great core strength and immense peace is what Gyan Core Flow is all about. This class is a combination of Gyan Flow and Gyan Core classes. Students usually do not associate Yoga with core strength but flexibility. Without proper strength in core muscles, the lower back has to take all the weight of trunk and head. Let’s strengthen our core muscles and take some weight off the lower back.

Gyan Core

Hatha Yoga poses, core strengthening Yoga poses and core strengthening exercises are the perfect combination for beginners and intermediate students to get amazing flexibility and great core strength. The focus is on the breath, to engage core muscles in each pose. Core strengthening poses are combined with counter poses to get the most out of your Gyan Core class. Poses are modified for beginner students to facilitate proper practice. Gyan Core is good for beginners and intermediate students.

Gyan Classical

Practice challenging yourself to your maximum without struggling in body or mind. Synthesize poses with breath, concentration and relaxation. Stretch and strengthen your full range of motion with front, back, side, twist and inverted poses that also work powerfully on all systems of the body – digestive, cardiovascular, hormonal, reproductive, nerves, etc. for radiant health inside and out.

Curative Yoga

Breath is amazing. We breathe differently in different situations. Curative Yoga is all about learning how to breathe with the right pose that can be helpful in so many health related issues. This class is perfect to learn how to strengthen lungs and heart, De-stress yourself in this breathing class coupled with strengthening Yoga poses. This class is perfect for beginners. This class is excellent for people who find it really hard to practice beginners yoga since it focus more strengthening involuntary muscles instead of voluntary muscles.