Gourav started practicing Yoga when he was 8 years old. Like most Yoga students, he began by learning Yoga poses. By 10 years of age he was competing in Yoga championships. He won a few Yoga championships in India. But his quest for Yoga did not end at Yoga poses. He travelled to North India to the Himalayan Mountains to feel Yoga! The feeling of Yoga in the Himalayas took his Yoga practice and Yoga teaching to the next level. Gourav learned "pranayama" breathing exercise and "Dhyana" meditation in the Himalayas. Yoga poses coupled with awareness of right breathing, brings awesome results in your fitness and overall relaxation. We invite you at Gyan Yoga to feel an authentic style of Yoga practice. You can't forget to breathe in Gyan Yoga classes.


Rishi started practicing yoga at the age of 8. At the age of 12 he underwent formal training and in the next fours years won two regional annual yoga competitions. He learned Pranayama can build a healthy body and mind. He came to believe, yoga can not only calm your mind but can also help you develop a strong will, enabling you to do anything. This realization started Rishi's studies in meditation, chanting and deep concentration techniques. Study of meditation led to the study of mantras, sets of words repeated in your mind during meditations.


With 2 yoga champions at home, it was obvious to practice Yoga. I started practicing Yoga with my brothers at the age of 14. Apart from fitness I was interested in spiritual and restorative aspect of Yoga. No other place is better then Himalayan Mountains to go deep in the restorative and spiritual side of yoga. My quest for Yoga took me to the source of river Ganges "Gomukh". Yoga and meditation with Sadhus left me with nothing but an admiration for the art and science of Yoga.


My yoga journey began at the age of 3 when I tried my first headstand. It's been a lifetime of movement since then, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Until the age of 18, I practiced gymnastics and dance, not knowing that many of the movements I learned were asanas. I took my first yoga class in 1995 and I have been teaching since 2001, with regular and advanced training in Canada and India via the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

Yoga practice is what I live and breathe now. It has enriched my life beyond expectation and continues to surprise me with new developments daily. I dedicate my passion to sharing all I have learned with others so they may also enjoy health, happiness, peace and vibrancy.

- Om Shanti


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I took teacher training from Rishi and Gourav at Gyan Yoga because of their inherent yoga lifestyle and the classically Indian style in which they teach Yoga.

There is a connection between the body and the spirit and the mind and Yoga is the element that helps me to tie them all together and find the deepest transformative capabilities within myself.

I want to help others to find those capabilities. I teach yoga because I love to see a light dawn in someone's eyes when they realize what they can do.


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