As a runner I was suffering from tight hamstrings and calves to a point where it started to hurt. I knew I need more than a regular stretch. I gave Gyan Yoga a shot. In the first few classes I saw a huge difference in the range of motion in the hamstrings and calves. I used to say I can't do Yoga because I can't touch my toes. Now I say I couldn't touch my toes that's way I practice Gyan Yoga. It's not just touching the toes but the endurance you get out of Hot Yoga classes of Gyan Yoga. My breathing has improved so much. Now I can run more distance.

- Marina

Cross - Training

I am a fitness fanatic. I run, swim and cycle for cardio. Weights and push ups for strength training. Stretching for flexibility. All of this was taking toll on my joints. Some of the old injuries were developing in osteoarthritis. Hot Yoga seemed a good idea to stretch those tight muscles and joints. I remembered my first Hot Yoga at Gyan Yoga, we were practicing back strengthening poses. Instructor said if conditioned with regular practice of Yoga your back muscles can take your leg all way to the sealing while lying down on belly. I could not believe him until I saw him and few other students took their legs to the sealing. “Yoga is a good stretch” really! All my misconception regarding Yoga especially Gyan Yoga was cleared. I still run, swim, cycle and do weights. Thanks to Gyan Yoga My Cross – Training is complete. I no longer feel pain and don't run out of breath while running, swimming and cycling. I can lift more weights with less effort.


I live in constant stress because of work. Sitting long hours in front of laptop ruined my shoulders, neck and back. I had digestive system issues because of long hours and stress. I started with Gyan traditional class. According to Gyan Yoga Gyan traditional class is the best class for beginners. Now after practicing Gyan Yoga for over year this class is still challenging, testimonial of the quality instructions provided by instructors. I no longer live in stress, neck and shoulder pain is gone. Anyone who is scared to try Hot Yoga should try Gyan Traditional class it is designed for beginners at the same time can challenge advanced students.

- Karen


I am a regular at Gyan yoga. I participate in 4 classes a week for the past year. My job is very physical as I am a fire fighter. I find that Gyan Yoga helps me in all aspects of my job. But it also helps me in other aspects of my life. In one particular example I woke up a recent morning with a stiff neck. It was very painful and I could not turn my head left. I thought about going for a massage and taking Advil. However, I thought I would try Gyan Yoga first to see if I could alleviate the pain. After one class the pain and discomfort complete dissipated and I felt great. I am so happy because I did not have to spend extra money on a massage or use drug therapy.

I'm a Personal Trainer and used to run boot camps. Gyan Yoga classes are the best workout. This is a unique style and I find it better than the Ashtanga Yoga style. I am leaner, more flexible and feel more athletic.

- Allen

Teacher Training

I am now teaching yoga twice a week on the Navy base. and my students seem to be enjoying the class. Initially I was permitted to teach one class per week, but after my first class, they begged me to teach a second. Thus far I've had 30-40 students per class. Clearly you've done something right as they are enjoying the teaching style that you taught me - thanks again!

- Thandi