Many of the problems runners face, including sore knees, tight hamstrings, lower back pain and ankle sprains can be resolved by practicing Gyan Yoga. Gyan Yoga classes are designed in a way that stretches and strengthens the ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints and lower back. Runners who practice Gyan Yoga have regularly reported increased stamina due to proper breathing techniques taught in the classes.


Intense and repetitive use of muscles in cycling leads to chronic tightness in the leg muscles. Some muscles are over worked while others are underused leading to imbalance and eventually pain. Knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain starts to diminish with regular practice of Gyan Yoga, bringing balance back into the body.


Increased range of motion in the joints, lightness in the body and improved breathing are some of the side effects of practicing Gyan Yoga. Whether you are competitive swimmer or amateur, you will feel the benefits.


Hockey players hold a lot of stress in their legs. Calves, quads, gluteus muscles and lower back muscles are heavily used. Lunges in Gyan Yoga classes are excellent for stretching and strengthening leg and back muscles. Heat in the room promotes safe stretching and sweating releases toxins.


A good soccer player is a combination of physical strength, mental focus, awareness of surroundings and agility. Heat in Gyan Yoga classes will strengthen and stretch muscles safely while breathing techniques will increase awareness and mental focus. Flexibility gained with regular practice will help agility.


Stamina, cardio strength, upper body strength and proper breathing developed by regular practice of Gyan Flow and Gyan Core Flow classes can help any Boxer or MMA player. The heated environment of Gyan Yoga increases mobility of the joints, lowering the chances of injury.


Tennis players can step on the court with more concentration and focus with the help of Gyan Yoga. Different types of classes offered by Gyan Yoga strengthen and stretch your entire body to relax and release stress from your mind. The dynamic styles of Gyan Flow and Gyan Core Flow classes go well with the dynamic nature of Tennis. With increased range of motion in the joints coupled with strength in the joints lowers the chance of injuries.

Weight Training

Gyan Yoga students have mentioned better performance at bench pressing and other weight training exercises. It's no wonder, since Gyan Yoga makes you strong and increases endurance capabilities. Just try one of the Chutrunga Dundnasana in a Gyan Flow or Gyan Core Flow class and you will know what we are talking about!!!


There is a great saying, "Man is thinking too much about his future and holding a lot from the past and in the meantime totally forgets his present". At Gyan Yoga, you hold poses in the present and it reminds you how important breath is - that's all we need to be stress free. Try our shavasana and you will feel it. That is what being in the present is all about.

Low Back Pain

Heat works like a wonder on any joint pain. The heated environment of Gyan Yoga classes is perfect for diminishing low back pain. Lack of strength in back muscles and core muscles often leads to lower back pain. Strengthen and stretch your back muscles in Gyan Traditional classes. For core muscle strength and flexibility, we have Gyan Core Flow and Gyan Core classes. The combination of heat, regular practice, stretching and strengthening often cures back pain.


Heat relaxes your muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Many arthritis doctors recommend heat treatment to help reduce inflammation and ease the pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis. The heated environment of Gyan Hot Yoga classes and modified instructions provided by experienced Yoga instructors makes a good combination for students suffering from arthritis. During the practice of Gyan Hot Yoga oxygenated blood travels through joints making them strong and flexible.

Neck Pain

Your neck has to bear the weight of your head, so lack of strength and flexibility in neck muscles often leads to neck pain. Unconsciously a lot of us hold tension in our neck muscles. Bad posture while driving and working on computers doesn't do any good either for the often neglected neck. You can make your neck muscles strong and flexible in the heated environment of Gyan Yoga classes for help in diminishing pain. Prevention is better than curing, so make your neck strong and stretch it nicely before it gets painful.

Headaches, Migraine

The causes of headaches can be anything from muscular tension in your neck and shoulders to congestion in your sinuses to stress. Many poses in Gyan Yoga classes are designed in a way that releases muscular tension from the neck and shoulders to ease headaches. Regular practice of Gyan Yoga also strengthens your immune system, lowering the chances of catching colds.

Poor Posture

A rounded back while driving, working on computers and even while walking contributes to poor posture. Let's strengthen core muscles in Gyan core Flow and Gyan Core classes to take some weight off our lower backs. Take a deep breath in back bending poses to adjust the curve of the middle back properly in Gyan Flow classes. Strengthen back muscles in Gyan Traditional classes to hold your back straight. Proper alignment of the pelvis is taught in all the classes to promote stronger legs.


Deep sleep seems to be more of a luxury than a necessity these days, considering most of us are not able to have a quality sleep. Imbalance of mind and body seems to be the problem and mind body balance the solution. Gyan Yoga works on your muscular system to respiratory system to nervous system and more. Even a small discomfort in your body can deteriorate the quality of your sleep. In addition, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your mind is not able to relax. Let your mind relax in final shavasana at the end of each class for a deeper sleep and a feeling of refreshment in the morning.

Constipation and Poor Digestion

With the practice of Gyan Yoga classes, the digestive system is massaged by bending back, folding forward and twisting to left and right. Wind releasing pose is very effective for the digestive system and is part of every Gyan Yoga class. As the name suggest it releases unwanted gas from digestive system. The feeling of detox promotes healthy eating habits and drinking water, making digestion easier. With the practice of Gyan Yoga your digestive system will get stronger and you will be able to get more out of your food.


Gyan Yoga classes allow the spine to move in every possible direction. Back bends, forward folds, and side twists on both sides have an amazing effect on balancing the spine. Back stretching and strengthening poses have amazing positive effect on any deviations in the spine.

Depression and Anxiety

Yoga is considered a mind/body workout. According to the great sage "Patanjali", to reach a state of harmony we need both a sound mind and sound body. With right breathing instructed at the right time by Gyan Yoga instructors, more oxygenated blood flows to the brain for proper functioning. The causes of depression and anxiety can be psychological or physical or a combination of both. What we need is to be in the moment and appreciate it! Being strong and feeling the lightness that comes with every Gyan Yoga class just makes shavasana a lot better for deeper relaxation.