What Is Gyan Yoga?

Gyan Yoga is a Hot Yoga style comprised of various series designed with an intention to serve people with authentic Yoga practice and its benefits.

How is Gyan Yoga different from other Hot Yoga?

Different types of classes offered by Gyan Yoga welcome new and beginner students and at the same time challenge intermediate and advanced students. The health benefits from Gyan Yoga range from better sleep during the night to fixing pain in the neck and more.

We strive to be:
  • Accessible – Welcoming for new and beginner students. Most affordable Hot Yoga in Toronto.
  • Non-judgmental – Everyone is welcome regardless of their flexibility and strength.
  • Non-competitive – Authentic Yoga is non-competitive. Improvement never stops, competition wears you out.

Will I get more flexible and strong with the practice of Gyan Yoga?

Heat in the Gyan Yoga studio allows muscles to stretch deeper safely, increasing range of motion in the joints and improving blood flow. Poses are held in a position using your body’s own weight to strengthen your muscles. Gyan Yoga students report improved performance in weight training and sports. A good Yoga practice is a combination of stretching and strengthening and Gyan Yoga is no exception.

Is Gyan Yoga a mind body practice?

At Gyan Yoga we believe a healthy body and healthy mind go together. Students have reported that it gave them the motivation to quit smoking and adopt regular healthy eating habits. At the end of our classes, please stay in Shavasana for 5 minutes and enjoy the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Will I lose weight?

Regular practice of Gyan Yoga has helped students lose weight and get strong. Practice of Gyan Yoga goes beyond weight. It’s about feeling strong and good about yourself.

Is Gyan Yoga a cardio workout?

Try any Gyan Flow class and feel your heart pumping. Proper breathing techniques flood your body with oxygen rather than robbing it of oxygen, leaving you feeling energetic rather than breathless.

What if I am not flexible enough to practice yoga?

Once a student said “I practice Gyan Hot Yoga so I can touch my toes”. Poses are modified for stiff students so they can gradually increase their range of motion and become flexible.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable you can sweat in is good for practicing Gyan Yoga. Lightweight and breathable material that will absorb sweat and dry quickly is good. For men, shorts are recommended with optional shirt or tank top. Women typically wear shorts, tank tops, sports bra, legging, Yoga pants or anything they feel comfortable in.

What should I bring?

Yoga mat, water bottle and 2 towels. One towel for the Yoga mat and second for refreshing after Yoga class. If you forgot or don’t have a Yoga mat, water bottle or towel, you can rent them from studio.